Montreal Shopping Experience

Montreal is definitely one of those cities that is considered big for shopping. Whether you are coming in to city from neighboring cities, or if you are coming from another country, you will simply love the divine culture Montreal provides its citizens and visitors. Just to be focused we will go through each major center of Montreal’s shopping districts. We will be looking at it from west to east, beginning with Dorval and ending in Montreal’s east end. In west end, we have the Dorval Shopping Center and within fifteen minutes of it, we have the Fairview Shopping Complex. Housewives will appreciate a huge selection of cookware sets from 12 to 10 piece cookware set at shop. These are two major centers for shopping in the west island, but there are other smaller boutiques and complexes. Moving east we have the Place Vertu Shopping Center and within twenty minutes of it we have the Cote Des Nieges Plaza. Moving towards downtown, we have the one of the largest malls in Canada, the McGill Eaton Center. This is home to over 300 boutiques and extends over a couple of blocks.
In Cote Saint Luc, we have the Cavendish Mall. If you are looking for some great souvenirs or unique gifts, this place is the best bet for you, as there you can find everything from all Canadian souvenirs to exotic gifts from hookah online shop. In the east end of the city we have three quite large malls. Langelier Mall, Gallerie Anjou and Place Versailles. In the LaSalle and Laval regions we have the Angrigon Mall and Carrefour Laval. Even though there are tons of malls in Montreal, the downtown center is still the top of all the locations. Millions of dollars are spent each year in just the downtown shopping center.

it still offers all the shopping you would need. It is great for people who live near by the area. It is a great spot just to hang out, as it is only a couple of minutes away from the airport. Fairview Shopping Complex is rather large and it attracts thousands of consumers on a daily basis. Its convenient location is right by the 40 west at exit Saint Jean. Place Vertu is located near the end of the street, near autoroute 40. This is one mall that has been on a constant renovation scheme, and it still is. However, it is one of fanciest malls in the region. Plaza Cote Des Nieges located right on Cote Des Nieges is a very old, but rather good mall. Much of Montreal’s immigrated population lives in this region. The McGill Mall in downtown is conveniently accessible by five metro stations and one train station. It is one of the largest malls in Canada, it is known across Montreal. Other major shopping complexes are very popular in Montreal as well, and they are the largest in their own sectors. These complexes are the best choice for those, who are looking for brand shopping. Here you can find everything from Rolex for sale to a great variety of shoe and clothing stores from world-famous brands. The Laval and LaSalle shopping centers are quite large and they have all the stores you can ever ask for. It is also a place of “hangout? where you can just go and spend a few hours with the family. The pricing will vary between stores, but if it is a franchise store, it will not differ by much.

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