Arriving in Montreal

Whether you are arriving in Montreal from an airplane or the train, it is just a pleasant sight. The city is yet so beautifully scaled in its perfect landscape. The customs or declaration in Montreal is not so tough; it is rather very simple and clean (for more information on customs regulations visit customs broker Montreal resource). Many of the workers in Montreal train stations and airports are French speaking, but they do know English. So, if you know either English or French, you are good to go. There are several people on site who will be able to help translate, if you do not speak good English or French. Getting around Montreal is very simple, as long as you have a STM pass. The whole transport system is run by the Societe de Transport Montreal, but you do have the option to take a taxi. The currency used in Montreal is the Canadian dollar, but your money can be exchanged at the airport.

Arriving By Airplane:
If you are arriving to Montreal by airplane, you will land at the Montreal Pierre Elliot Trudeau Airport, located in Dorval, Quebec. Dorval is simply another small city, only fifteen minutes away from the heart of Montreal. The airport is a multi level construction, and you will have to come down the ground floor in order to exit the building. After you are done checking-out and you have your bags, you can come right out and fling a taxi. The taxi service in Montreal usually starts with an initial fare of $3.35, and it adds extra charges thereon. When riding in a taxi, it is always wise to note the license plate number, which in Montreal always will start with a T11 for taxis. The city of Dorval has a train station, called Gare Dorval. From Gare Dorval, you can take a train right to Downtown Montreal. In Downtown Montreal, you will arrive at the Bonaventure Station, and once you exit the building; there are at least three quality hotels in the area.

Arriving By Train (Via-Rail):
The train service that runs across the country is known as Via Rail, which runs to over twenty cities in Canada. In Montreal, Via Rails stops at the Bonaventure station. The Bonaventure station exits are located on University Street and Rene Levesque Boulevard. Hotels are located all around the area, and one being only a two minute walk from the University exit. The Delta Hotel is located at 777 rue University, right by the highway.